We define guidelines to assess environmental impacts, we communicate in a transparent way to companies and citizens, we transfer our experience to other sectors and countries.


To enlarge and strengthen the technical base of the Made Green in Italy scheme:

  • We draft eight new Product Category Rules (PCR) – action B1
  • We test the PCR we developed to perform studies on products of pilot companies belonging to our reference sectors – action B2
  • We develop and test a proposal for the validation procedures asked by the Made Green in Italy regulation – action B3
  • We make datasets and tools publicly available for companies interested in the Made Green in Italy scheme – action B4


To support the communication and spread of the Made Green in Italy scheme:

  • We study the most correct and effective ways to communicate the environmental value of products and develop a communication strategy tailor-made for each involved sector – action A1
  • We implement the developed strategy through communication initiatives oriented to companies and citizens – action B5
  • We promote replicability and transferability of the Made Green in Italy scheme to other sectors and to European countries – actions B6


To communicate our work and make our actions more effective:

  • We spread the knowledge about what we are doing and the results we obtain – action D1
  • We collaborate with other projects working on our same topics – action D2


To make the project work and check its progress and results:

  • We have a management system which involves all partners, under the coordinator’s guidance, and which is supported also by an external Advisory Board – action E1
  • We an internal monitoring system to check how the project is going – action E2
  • We monitor and report to the LIFE Programme the effects the project produces, both form an environmental and socio-economic point of view – actions C1 and C2

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