Finished leathers

Leather is a natural and renewable material. It is an example of circularity because it comes from the recovery of a by-product from the food industry and has exceptional properties, derived from its natural structure that guarantees resistance, flexibility and adaptability to various shapes, transpiration and thermal insulation. Thanks to its characteristics and versatility, it has always been able to inspire the creative choices of fashion, the accessory industry, luxury, design and car interiors.
Italian leather is a safe product that complies with the regulations on the use of chemical substances and is the result of high-performance production systems and processes, which over the years have enabled the sector to improve quality and productivity. At the same time, they have made it possible to radically reduce the pollution generated, through treatments that use the best technologies and the progressive reduction of waste sent to landfills, improving the quality of air, water and soil and, consequently, reducing the impact on the environment and the community.

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