Impulse: the Italian definition gelato da passeggio (approximately, “ice cream to be eaten while walking” in English) was born a long time ago, probably referring to the occasion of enjoying something fresh and tasty while walking around. The category includes renowned classics of the Italian ice-cream tradition, such as the stecco or creminocono or cornetto (ice-cream cone), coppetta (paper-cup ice-cream) and ghiacciolo (popsicle or ice pop).

Take-away: that’s the Italian definition for a particular packaging modality, in multiple servings, typically targeted to home consumption. This category includes the so-called “multipacks” (multiple-servings, single-or multiple-flavoured ice-cream packagings, whose size is sometimes smaller than classic ones), vaschette and secchielli (basically single-flavoured ice-cream cartons and vats, for all those who like to assemble their own customized ice-cream cup at home), torte and tranci (ice-cream cakes), delicacies for convivial occasions and the so-called “table specialties”, including some among the most famous favourites of the Italian ice-cream tradition, like tartufotiramisù and cassata.

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