Italian seasonal leavened cakes

Panettone and Pandoro aren’t only typically seasonal bakery products, but also true ambassadors of the “Made in Italy” tradition abroad – and they’re increasingly appreciated everywhere around the world.

Since 2005, the quality of Panettone and Pandoro is guaranteed by a Decree adopted by both the Ministry of the Production Activities and by the Ministry of the Agricultural Policies, establishing the definition and composition of these traditional Italian bakery products – only those products that fully respect the production disciplinary document set by the above mentioned Decree may use the reserved trade name of Panettone and Pandoro.

Panettone – A typical tradition from Milan, it is the Christmas favourite among sweet bakery products. Its double leavening through natural yeasts, the peculiar richness of its carefully selected ingredients and a technological process that fully respect the traditional one, all contribute in the product’s softness and fragrance. Nowadays, besides the traditional product, special panettoni are available – coated in gianduia, icing or almonds, or filled with zabaglione, hazelnut or liquor creams.

Pandoro – Traditionally from Verona, it’s a very simple product, made of few but highly selected ingredients: flour, sugar, butter, lots of eggs – hence the typically golden colour – and cocoa butter, which gives it its typical flavour.

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