Onion of Medicina

Cultivated in the Bolognese plain since the middle Ages, the onion of Medicina is registered with collective mark at the Chamber of Commerce and is grown on a total area of ​​700/800 hectares, distributed in 6 municipalities in the province of Bologna (Medicina, Castel Guelfo, Castel San Pietro Terme, Ozzano Emilia, Dozza and Imola). About 10% of the national production is attributable to the Cipolla di Medicina brand, which sees around 150 farms with 500 operators on the territory.

The expected production in this area is estimated at 35-40,000 tons in the varieties: Yellow (55%), White (35%) and Red (10%). The harvest runs from June to September and the product is marketed until May.

The onion of Medicina is subject to a very iron Production Regulation, according to which:

  • its coloring is intense and bright and must enhance the typicality of the variety;
  • the bulbs are mostly round in shape and have a good compactness;
  • the caliber is between 50 and 80 mm;
  • has an excellent shelf life, due to the resistance to pre-sprouting.

In 2004 the Onion of Medicina Consortium was born, a protection body born from the meeting of producers, processors, distributors and partners rooted in the territory, as well as through the institutional path towards the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication).

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