European leader for fresh fruit and vegetable production

APO CONERPO was born in 1967 to bring together and enhance the production of thousands of farms: today Apo Conerpo is the main organization of fruit and vegetable producers in Europe. Apo Conerpo today includes, in addition to the “historic” Cooperatives of Emilia-Romagna region, also other important production companies located in the most suitable areas of Northern, Central and Southern Italy. The commitment of the Cooperatives is concentrated in the stages of collection, conservation, processing, packaging and shipping of fresh fruit and vegetables. To enhance and place the associates’ fruit and vegetables products, Apo Conerpo has created five commercial companies (Alegra, Brio, Opera, Naturitalia and Valfrutta Fresco).

The numbers of Apo Conerpo: 33,000 ha of cultivated area; 50 associated fruit and vegetable Cooperatives; 91 processing and storage plants; 6,000 employees; 190 agricultural technicians.

Apo Conerpo is engaged in the field of assessment of the environmental impacts deriving from the production processes of fresh fruit and vegetables and processed agri-food products and has recently participated to national and European projects relating to the issue of climate change called (“Sustainability of agri-food chains through cycle calculation di vita-LCA “and LIFE Climate ChangE-R).

Apo Conerpo takes part in all project actions and is responsible for action D2.

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