Technological laboratory for window producers - Training centre for companies

LegnoLegno is a national Consortium which offers services aiming at making the most of entrepreneurial activities in the sector of doors and windows accessories and fittings. It gathers more than 900 artisan and small-industry realities of the window and furniture sector and cooperates with 30.000 operators; thanks to its experience in this area it gives them advice and services.

LegnoLegno has been operating in the whole Italian country since 1987; the main purpose of the Consortium is to contribute to the qualitative development of handicrafts, small-industry and industry production of fittings and manufactured goods by providing technical and promotional services supporting enterprise qualification policy.

Activities and projects of the Consortium could be divided into four areas: technical area, publishing area, training area, events.

LegnoLegno takes part in all project actions and is responsible for action D1.

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